This is a website focused on supporting foster youth who are approaching life on their own, and who are already aged out. This site will  point visitors to online resources and research available to support foster youth so they can age out successfully.


AgingOutInstitute.com serves four groups of people:

  1. Foster youth approaching the age of 18
  2. Former foster youth who are dealing with life after foster care
  3. Foster parents
  4. Government and other foster program professionals who work with foster youth

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About the Site Developer

Hi. My name is Lynn Tonini, and I was in the foster system as a teenager. My sister and I stayed several months in a group home and then several months in a youth shelter in NC, with our grandmother for a few months in MD, and finally with a terrific foster family in PA (who happened to be in-laws of our uncle).

We were very fortunate to have supportive extended family when we reached the age of 18. Unfortunately, most foster youth do not have that luxury.

Over the last few years, I noticed when doing online searches on “aging out” that the programs that directly assist foster youth in the aging out process are lost amongst all the search results, which can include articles, research, documentaries, books, television stories, etc. All that is great stuff, but it makes the effort to find specific programs and other resources a challenge for young people and adults alike.

So, I decided to take action and create this website to collect all the possible resources that can help young people learn to live successful, independent lives after foster care – and more importantly, to organize them in a way that makes finding specific resources easy, not frustrating.

My vision is that this website will someday be bookmarked by everyone involved in foster care, and that it comes up as #1 on all “aging out” searches on the Internet. I definitely look forward to continuing to add resources on a regular basis. If you know of a resource that would be a great fit for this website, please let me know through the Contact form.  Thank you!

~Lynn Tonini, M.Ed., CPLP